Photo Gallery: CX in Simi was Rad

This was my first race of the season, and this is the first thing I noticed, how rad!! I wanted to bring my family, but I was here to work and take some photos for an article. The combination of work, kids, wife and general life have left me with little time for days like this, so I was excited to be there. I also decided to try and take photos of nearly everyone I could.

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I have put tried to populate the photos together, but there are no photos from the Masters Men’s 45A, Masters Men’s 35A or the Men’s B thanks to the fact that I decided to try my luck at racing, wow it was hard and fun. Watch my whole race below and tell me what you think.

Next is Elite Men’s A

Next up the Women

Last the Single Speed A, B and C Plus the Collegiate race and Men’s C all in one.

That’s it for this week, and hopefully, I will be able to make it out to a few more this year. For more info or to sign up for a race head to

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